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  • Brand new ultra easy design launched November 2019 Even easier to set up with its pop-up construction, and easy up poles is our latest dark den/sensory pod. Ideal to have in your home, pre school or school classroom. Providing a safe and enclosed space where therapists and patients can engage in sensory exploration, The dark den comes in a carry bag for easy transportation.Size: 120 x 120 x 110cmThe dark den is designed to provide a safe place or cool down spot for children who become easily overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. It offers a quieter , darker, enclosed space for the child to relax and have time to regulate their sensory system. Please see this useful video on how to put up and down the easy up pole tent: we offer free Uk mainland postage, please message us if you try to place an order and the postage is not free as occasionally this can glitch .

    Easy Up Poles tent

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    • If we do not currently ship to your location please let us know and we can check this for you. 

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